welcome to my world

welcome to my world

Dear Elvis,

Over two years ago I began this personal blog and its first topic was you. It spoke of my mother’s love for you, but in this journey, I have discovered that my love for you and your story is just as strong, if not stronger.

One of my favorite performances of yours is Welcome to My World, the live, and only version, by you, from the Hawaii concert. It’s simplicity and beautiful melody are a luxury feeling that I return to again and again.

Your smile, your movements, your seemingly effortless approach to the song…well, they work together to stay etched in my mind, hopefully forever.

My world is my refuge; it too is simple and often melodious. It is gentle work and easy tunes. These are my choices.

When it no longer feels right or there is an unspeakable “something” in my heart, I look to my choices.

Recently, in consultation with my adult child, I bought a piece of property in Sackville, where I live currently. I was missing something. Or some things. Smells, a feeling, openness. I am hoping the property will contain, if only an inkling, of what was; and the essence of what will and can be.

It’s all part of a story which began 54 years ago. And now that ideas are settling in, I cannot wait to see where the story is going.

American artist Georgia O’Keeffe wrote about the fear she felt every moment of her life, and yet she never let it keep her from doing a single thing she wanted to do. I have often felt that fear and allowed it to not only stop me from doing what I wanted to, but let it pull me under to places I never want to re-visit.

I realize now that fear and courage, the longing for what once was, and the chance to move forward are all very much connected. It’s part of living.

And loving. Another American artist, singer/songwriter Paul Simon, spoke of a journey he took to Graceland, your Graceland. What he remembers is the love felt by others for you, as he reached the meditation garden where you are resting peacefully. He suddenly had his takeaway from this journey: people congregate to your world because of their love for you; but there is more. That love also means acceptance, thus Simon writes [he has] reason to believe we all will be received in Graceland.

Loving and accepting. Journeying and dreaming. Creating. These are also my choices. And I cannot wait to continue putting them all into action in the coming months.

I believe the options are endless where love and understanding prevail.

The spirit of Graceland exists within us all.

Thank you for this wonderful meeting place.

Love Melissa

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