Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds

My dear Elvis,

Tonight I am tired. I need a bit of a break from those thoughts and activities that usually bring me comfort and joy.

So toast and cheese with tea, along with a loyal dog, and soft flannel sheets were just the ticket.

And a few scrolls thru Facebook before an entire descent into the rabbit hole.

And then, I found you. Wonderful vibrant, smiling you. Showing your stuff. And I was reminded once again about the importance of now, and how being yourself with red scarves around your neck, and making impossible moves in tight pants, is the only way to be.

Tonight, for a glorious 5 minutes, our house was in total quiet. I was reading, Bea was resting, and we were surrounded by sleeping pets. When I came to from what I was researching, I recognized the sweet synchronicity of life, and it was beautiful.

Just as you were, on stage, in 1970 belting out Suspicious Minds, totally immersed in your craft. The swagger, the smile, and the feel of all being right with the world.

The ring tone on my phone is “Suspicious Minds”. I chose it because no matter where I am, physically or mentally, that familiar tune… your beautiful voice, brings me back to the present.

I always respond to the familiar melody with, “oh! Elvis”.

True story.

It’s like the snap of a finger. A reminder. I am here. I am now. I am needed.

And I feel joy, even for a few seconds.

This is what you do for me. In a thousand other lifetimes I am convinced that your voice, that tune, would always affect me the same way.

Powerful stuff. The love and comfort you have brought, and still bring to so many of us.

I am blessed. I am caught in a splendid trap of which there is thankfully no way out.

Sleep well,


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