On feeling vulnerable

On feeling vulnerable

(and how it can actually be helpful)

As a highly sensitive individual, I have always been vulnerable to the words, behaviors, and actions of others. It’s difficult and I have often wished it could be different for me.

But you know I have come to discover the strength in what I always considered to be one of my major weaknesses.

So, in no particular order…

  1. As a vulnerable, you develop a growing appreciation for your parents and their parents. In fact, I think of their lives, the comedy and the tragedy, often. I know where my sensitive nature comes from and although it has taken me years, and a sudden traumatic event, I now have a few successful mechanisms to help me cope with my anxious personality which I have inherited from both sides of my family.
  2. You have a terrific gut instinct. While I might not always follow it right away, or in some cases, hardly ever, it’s almost always dead on. It’s no coincidence that my daily life becomes easier and more productive when I listen to it.
  3. Boundaries are easier to develop and maintain because of my sensitive radar. I have possibly mistaken what my mother called “the Crowe genes”- a sometimes searing indifference- for a cool, calculative, stepping back, if you will. Once I realize who and what my triggers are, I make adjustments and am still happy with situations and people who become part of my life.
  4. A growing sense of others’ challenges and pain makes it so much easier to understand, work with, and yes, live with others. Everybody’s vulnerabilities are different but they are still vulnerabilities. Knowing we each have them is important when assessing the need for say, confrontation. Everybody has their Achilles heel and its important to respect that, not abuse it.

To be sure, being a vulnerable is to ride an emotional roller coaster. But lately I am becoming comfortable and easy with who I am, and always was. Developing a thicker skin? Nope, I wouldn’t say that. Instead I have decided that it’s more than okay to know that there are times when I am going to feel overwhelmed and hurt by stuff that really shouldn’t bother me that much.

It’s okay because I know I can self- isolate if I have to, cry maybe, or do a whole lot of hooking and rearranging of furniture because,for me, it’s worth knowing who I am and the good of this outweighs the bad.

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