My saint, Patrick

My saint, Patrick

I do not usually write two blogs in one day but I thought this topic couldn’t wait until tomorrow. It might lose its blessing.

In reading the bio of the missionary, Saint Patrick, these words stand out for me from the text: deeply moved, beset by doubts, flourished once he took action, humble, gentle.

It’s been an upsetting afternoon. And I know those days are still going to come regardless of the good counseling I am receiving right now, and the continued, cathartic words that are flowing from me right now. Maybe I didn’t make a long enough list today or maybe this whole coronavirus talk is taking its toll or maybe it’s too much facebook.

Whatever the reason, I need to do a mini regroup here and think about the man who always brought me back to the ground at these times. My saint, Pat.

He too was deeply moved by the need to help others. He would be on the front lines right now, not just talking about what we needed to do during this pandemic but doing it (and being more than a little annoying in the process)! He was very passionate about what was right and wrong in this world, a trait he has certainly passed on to his daughter.

He sometimes got lost in his doubts and his demons and that is why we needed each other to talk through the tough times, because when he rose to the top there was not much he couldn’t accomplish. While he wasn’t a huge fan of snakes, he certainly drove out a great many mice during our camping days. And like Saint Patrick, he absolutely flourished once he got going!

A humbler man, you couldn’t have met and this is where it gets a bit tough to write through the tears. Pat never ever forgot where he came from and although that sometimes weighed him down, it also made him one of the gentlest, empathic people I have ever met. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his guidance and kindness, patience and understanding. And I miss him so very very much. And even though he wasn’t officially canonized before he died (neither was Saint Patrick, by the way), he sure should have been by all of my accounts so I wonder if you would extend a prayer and a blessing to him and to those who loved him as you go about your daily living today on this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Until next time,

Melissa ☘

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5 Responses

  1. My throat closes over with the need to sob and bawl today.,and then I read your beautiful words,feeling your pain but so proud that my brother was such a man,husband,father ,brother and most of all a person that did make a difference for others,not on a grand scale,but in the best of ways,always for someone else.So happy Bea has his same traits .St.Patrick’s bio, “Was Our Pat” ….love you more for these words written so well on such a hard day for you,Pat must be beaming at you now,love,Sis💚

  2. This brought tears to my eyes Melissa…you are honouring (St.) Pat by sharing the man he was… a beautiful tribute to your love…

  3. I pray and celebrate Patrick, you and Beatrice through my tears. 😔😓💔🍾 Hope truly is the thing! ❤

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