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Valentine’s weekend. A time to focus on love.

Commercially, a time to focus on couple love which can make it difficult for those of us who are no longer a couple.

The potential then for a sad day full of cynicism and emptiness.

And yet…try walking into a grade 3/4 classroom when they are in the midst of emptying their valentine bags and feel nothing but love and happiness and the overwhelming urge to hug hug hug, even in the time of Covid.

Cuz, you see, I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Before loss, before separation. It can be a time of mystery and secrecy and plain old beautiful friendship. It’s thoughtfulness personified.

It’s a chance to show love anonymously, if that is your thing, or to announce your feelings from the rooftops. And any day that is dedicated to love has to be a good thing.

Any day that lends itself to doing and saying those things you wouldn’t otherwise, that is to say, living the life uncommon, is a beautiful day.

And if you can live a life uncommon for one day, you can extend it to more; I know I can.

I have been given the opportunity to live with a freer heart just recently. Our home is a happier one for it. And fuck knows we deserve it.

It has to do with tapping into a new energy and a new way of thinking. It means shedding an old skin, and ridding oneself of the belief that my old life was the only way to live in order to to achieve.

It means letting go of people you liked and really liked, and thought you needed. It’s living with the hope that some will come back around again to provide a different meaning in my life but knowing I will be okay if they do not.

It is about still being yourself and using your God given strengths to help those who need you the most.

It’s still praying for understanding in all I say and do, but it’s not imperative that I receive that complicity in order to move forward.

It’s in the belief that happiness can be overrated. To think that you can maintain contentment though, the knowing that our simple routines of the day and week will be there for us, creates an underlying theme of peace that my heart craves for, and I think always will.

There is a feeling that I recognize in my core now, that lets me know I am okay, and it provides me with the strength and ability to work with my students and support my daughter, and to just be me.

It’s living a life uncommon.

And lend our voices only
To sounds of freedom
No longer lend our strength
To that which we wish
To be free from
Fill your lives
With love and bravery
And we shall lead
A life uncommon

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2 Responses

  1. Emerging from your chrysalis. You are a beautiful butterfly. And your new beauty will grace you and Beatrice (and luckily all of us). May you continue to evolve and become who God wants you to become. 🙏 I have one hope though…that you keep the laugh. It’s wonderful.

    I am so thankful you willingly share your evolution with us, Melissa. You are so insightful and a wonderful writer. ♥️

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