Laugh Hard. Run Fast. Be Kind

Laugh Hard. Run Fast. Be Kind

The final words of the 12th doctor before his regeneration are so very powerful and so very true.

My father always told me that I have my Aunt Mary Ann’s (his sister’s) laugh. This was not said in a moment of brotherly love either. I do. Put me anywhere in a building, Champlain Place Mall, for example, and I can be found if made to laugh. Cheryl Johnson, you know this to be true. It is certainly not the worst trait to be known for, I don’t think. I suppose it might be a bit embarrassing for the people you are hanging out with when the outburst occurs.My laugh actually fits under three headings: normal (relatively speaking); nervous (just ask my cousin Nancy about that one); and uncontrollable (Patrick really loved to induce those ones. They were often brought on when making fun of the other 2 types). Laughing is great! I feel like I have run a marathon after a good hard laugh. Patrick always used to proudly say, “I can still make you laugh after all these years.” And he could. And he can because many of Beatrice’s quips are very Gauthier-esque. It hasn’t always been easy to conjure up a hard laugh this past year- plenty of nervous ones (ha ha). But we are working on it Doctor, we’re working on it. xo xo

Beatrice loves to run. So did her Dad. Their energy levels were on par. I didn’t realize the power of running until I began running myself two years ago. The “Learn to Run” clinic that I participated in here in Sackville was a wonderful, empowering experience. Bea came with me for moral support at the beginning because I was very self conscious to start. The facilitator was wonderful as were the the people I ran with; my first 5K was on Father’s Day weekend that year and Patrick was there to cheer me on. I am sure he would have preferred fishing, especially since it was a slow process, but his was the first face I saw at the finish line. To be sure, he always made fun of how I ran and constantly instructed me on the right way to run and the proper way to stretch, but he was still my main champion, nonetheless. My biggest hope, now that we have such great trails here, is that Beatrice and I can start running together, or perhaps cousin Heather and I. It’s nice to have a running partner, Doctor, and I do not run fast, but at least I know I could if I had to. xo xo

Dr. Who has two of the kindest hearts I know. And yes, we have established the fact that his character is fictitious, but what a hope for all human and alien- kind. He is all about second chances although he has his limits; of course we all do. But I need to say that if there is one of many things that I have learned in this last while, it is the power of second chances, and to look at people with more compassion and understanding than I used to do. For when someone is alone and in pain, there is sometimes no telling what you may say or do to fill a loss. Believe me, I am not making excuses for myself or others, but I am more generous with my thoughts and actions because of my own thoughts and actions.

Laugh hard and run fast when you can and you are able. I will and I do. But above all be kind. Kindness received and then given has been one of the greatest healers for me at this time. Perhaps one of the favorite aspects of Dr. Who that I adore is the writers’ bend towards Christian faith and love. For in the words of the twelfth, I cannot help but be reminded of the words of Another, that powerful speaker and former human, who said, and now these three remain:faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.

And wherever there is genuine kindness, there is indeed love.
The twelfth doctor upon regeneration

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