Kentucky Rain

(The girl with the Elvis tattoo)

Cousins are wonderful people. Growing up, I was extremely lucky to live near many of mine and they often seemed more like siblings. Perhaps no time have I felt closer to them then when our Patrick died.

I recall being instantly surrounded by a protective dome. I imagine the view from space, on that tragic day, as showing a roof closing over us to protect the players from the rain.

My heart still fills at the thought of their love and kindness.

A little over a month ago I received a text from one of those cousins and she never lets the grass grow too long under her feet, or some of ours, for that matter: any interest in getting a tattoo?

And to my surprise I texted back: Yes! What’s the plan?

And away we flew. I think there might even be a facebook page dedicated to it now.

I had often thought of getting a wrist tattoo with done in a pretty script. But that day I began throwing caution to the wind and thought what about Elvis? It’s been evolving ever since.

So, my Elvis is Vegas Elvis, the I can wear anything and look good Elvis, with an electrifying confidence who still says yes ma’am and means it. He’s the fella who rediscovered himself after a sketchy time at the movies. I am a big fan of those on the rediscovery path, especially those who make a few mistakes along the way but keep going despite fear of criticism.

And then, well, the sideburns. You can imagine how interesting it was to explain all of this to the tattoo artist.

I cherish the few men I have loved (and love) in my life very very much. A common denominator in that love factor is their sense of humor and whimsical smile that appears after producing a funny or a tease.

And let’s face it, impersonating Elvis to a die hard fan can be pretty fun. Believe me, I have heard them all! I never listen to Kentucky Rain without thinking of Pat and the immense joy he received from serenading me with his best Elvis voice, and in his case, moves as well. Enough said.

My father also had a tremendously good time doing the same thing (without the moves) although as I have said, he wasn’t above growing the sideburns.

So, I think you can see where this tattoo idea is going (at least figuratively) can’t you? It is to be this great symbol of love and craft, laughter and beauty. And it truly is; my tattoo guy has drawn a beautiful Elvis to be placed very near to my heart.

And there is to be a small amendment, two words I want to place in tiny script, hopefully at the king’s collar: Kentucky Rain.

I am leaving you with this great compilation video. I dare you not to think of Patrick singing and dancing while you watch and listen.

Love you, my people. xoxo

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  1. I ALWAYS LOVE your posts but this one blew me away. Your writing just keeps getting better and better. I sooo want to share your “Journal of Hope” with others.

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