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My beautiful and gifted daughter, Beatrice, is my guest again. I love it when she says, “Mom, I have something for your blog.”

I love it because she too sees the value in writing about that which is important to her. The sharing of loss, but also of hope. Thank God for hope.

This week Bea writes about the loss of a dynamic youtube duo whose bizarre show I often had the privilege of listening to at the end of the school day.

I think we can all remember how we felt when a show we loved came to an end. It certainly was a loss, especially for us country kids who relied upon television for our main entertainment. It was even sadder for us introverts who saw our Steve Austins and Jamie Sommers as friends and confidantes.

Please enjoy Bea’s blog as she shares her personal thoughts and feelings on losing two of her favorite youtube personalities:

I know what losing a loved one feels like. 

This is a bit different, but at the same time, it’s not that different. 

The channel Unus Annus, made by Ethan Nestor and Mark Fischbach, was recently deleted. 

This was a surprise to no one, as the point of the channel was for it to eventually be deleted, hence the name, “Unus Annus” being Latin for “one year”, the length of time the channel was active. 

I really got hooked on the channel during quarantine, about halfway through its life. The daily release gave me something to look forward to, a reason to keep going during this time of insanity. 

But now, it is gone. 

It’s not quite the same as losing a loved one, after all no one is really dead, but the feeling of loss is similar. 

The feeling of loss at the end of the day when there’s no new video notification appearing on my screen and realizing it never will isn’t dissimilar to the little pang one might feel when they remember they’ll never hear a person’s voice again or greet them at the door when they come home. It’s not always exactly grief, but more of a bittersweet sensation. 

The memories are still there, but something has changed. Things will never be the same. 

The whole of the Unus Annus following is grieving in their own way, so this is mine. I want to thank Mark and Ethan for the journey we had throughout the last year and for the content they may make on their own separate channels in the future. 

Memento mori, memento vivere.  

Unus Annus.

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