Friday, January 14th, 2022

Dear Elvis,

It’s grand to wake up in my neighourhood. Particularly on a snowy morning. I flip on the Christmas lights to add extra sparkle to the street. Sally and I enjoy the sights and sounds of the people clearing their yards, cars moving along the trans Canada, followed by the intermittent silence. There is no time like morning.

It’s a challenging time in our world right now. If I were to forget that in this comfortable haven, I am quickly reminded when I see a gentleman, in his work attire, slowly walking down our street, wearing a white and blue surgical mask. People are afraid; mostly because they are confused. Whom do we trust? Who can we trust?

Elvis…. what would you say right now?

And then suddenly I am reminded of one of the few interviews you did in your lifetime. The Madison Square Garden pre performance interview. Blue suit, matching cape, abstract printed shirt, and silver belt. Your father was with you.

How could we not help but see your beautiful soul?

So now, I have gone a bit off topic. It happens. A lot.

During the interview you were asked about your views on war and conscription. I liked the way you handled the question. It spoke more to your character than any hard core answer ever could.

We all have some sort of opinion about the current state of our world right now. It’s okay to have different ideas and perspectives. We can even voice them. But not in a way that shames or belittles others.

It might even be prudent to take the high road at times. Especially where emotions run high.

Regardless of your intention that day, I loved your approach to the question, as well as your authenticity; your father’s too.

The nights are growing gradually shorter, and I believe there to be a light showing at the end of this long dark tunnel.

Who can we trust and believe in? Ourselves. To hang on a bit longer in a way that shows wisdom and kindness.

Stay real, my friend.

Melissa xo xo

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