The Elvis Letters

The spiral

This morning I began the slow drive to Moncton, in the snow, without winter tires. Frustrated because I had waited too long to get them,

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November and I

November and I have always had a difficult relationship. It began when my father died on November 19, 1984. For the next 37 years then,

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The blue shirt

The other day my daughter and I remembered a blue shirt that Patrick used to wear. It was a striped affair, one I had bought

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I am a hooker- a primitive rug hooker, that is. My latest rug is called Among the Fiddleheads. “Do you like fiddleheads?” my brother asked

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You will see me pass

Moses and God had a unique relationship. I think you might say it was one of mutual admiration. As Moses and his lord worked out

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The Widow’s Walk

Three sisters.  Writers.  Trauma survivors.  Strong and courageous, yet oh so very sensitive and empathic. A trinity. I have been busy sewing and knitting this

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