The Elvis Letters

Suspicious Minds

My dear Elvis, Tonight I am tired. I need a bit of a break from those thoughts and activities that usually bring me comfort and

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Dear Elvis, The thought has occurred to me more than once of writing a book entitled Dear Elvis. Inside would be my collection of letters

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The Healing Web

Dear Elvis, Today is my father’s birthday in heaven. Full of the devil, with a wicked sense of humour, he could only be born on

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the outline

Dear Elvis, Today I am outlining trailing leaves on a rug border. I am hoping to finish it within the next couple of days as

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welcome to my world

Dear Elvis, Over two years ago I began this personal blog and its first topic was you. It spoke of my mother’s love for you,

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Smelt storms

Dear Elvis, The other day my colleague, Danny, spoke of smelt storms. The weather has been very uncertain here lately, and it was his educated

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Bubby Blackie

Dear Elvis, Today as I scrolled thru memories on FB, I saw my Bubby, our Blackie, my beautiful kitty, whom we lost to cancer almost

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The Elvis Letters #

Dear Elvis, Well, I have completed the second book in your biographical set by Peter Guralnick. Part 1 was definitely better. And not just because

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