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Unleash your creativity, one hooked loop at a time. Discover the art of rug hooking.

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I am so pleased and excited to share a little of my creative world with you. It is a unique look at this healing and meditative home craft. As a teaching site, it encourages you to easily explore the whimsical and soulful side of rug hooking. The history of this cottage industry is extensive and interesting and one often told by women from their kitchen tables, front porches, back lawns, and church basements. And it aches to be told over and over again, for each story is different and offers something new to the world of mat making. As you begin or continue your rug hooking journey with me, you will recognize the sense community the craft creates, and how other art forms fit into its weave, including journal and letter writing. My personal blog is located here within the site and it often includes my personal feelings about rug hooking and other fiber art.

Finally, please know that throughout these pages I offer a number of resources to help you advance your skills and create your own beautiful handmade rugs in a sustainable way. Should you to own one of my creative mats, a gallery collection of my work exists.

I cannot wait to work with you!

Thank you for visiting!


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